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Vibration Machine Coach

Thank you very much for being a Nitrofit customer.  We hope that you are enjoying your Nitrofit whole body vibration machine.  Over the last few years we have had multiple requests from customers to offer videos and extended work outs beyond our recommended exercise poster.  The exercises in our poster were designed to be safe and effective for the average user.  Some of our customers are more advanced than others and have been requesting more exercise routines that target specific muscle groups.  Additionally, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors have asked that we offer further rehabilitation trainings to assist them with treating their patients.

It would be very difficult to create enough videos that could cover all of the topics that our users from various backgrounds have asked us to address.  The technology is also ever evolving and those videos would need to be constantly updated with new exercises.  While we have dedicated large amounts of time to research and  product development, we feel that an outside company is best suited to provide a more comprehensive training solution.  Our team has addressed this matter and has decided that this task would be handled best by physiologists and chiroprachtors with a deep working knowledge of whole body vibration training.

With that said, we are proud to announce our partnership with VIBRATION EXERCISE.COM.  Our friends over at VIBRATION EXERCISE.COM have created a comprehensive site loaded with videos about using your vibration machine safely for weight loss, rehabilitation, core strength, physical therapy, pain relief and advanced exercise. They update the site regularly and offer online support to answer any training questions that you may have.

Nitrofit customers can now access thier site at a significant discount.  Please click the link below to get more information and special pricing for thier online school.