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Nitrofit Personal

Product Description

The NitroFit Personal Vibration Machine offers more value than any other machine on the market. Most fitness retail stores carry several brands of vibration products including ours. While some are simarly priced to the personal most of the other machines in its class are more than twice the price. Why would you want to pay more only to get less? Spec for spec the personal has more features, more adjustability, and more included accessories than any of our competitors. In fact in 2010 and 2011 two independent reveiw boards ranked the Nitofit Personal “Head of the class- Best vibration machine for under $1000″.

Why Do Smart Shoppers Choose Nitrofit?

The answer is simple. When a customer has the chance to try a selection of vibration machines they choose NitroFit becasue they like the way it feels better than the rest. There are no shocking vibrations travelling up to the face or head, no set timers at 30 or 60 seconds, and there are more than just a few speed settings. The first thing you will notice about the personal is its sleek design, large blue backlit screen, functional resistance cables, sturdy build, and affordable price tag. But looks and functionality aside, you will know you have found the right machine for you when you discover how comfortable and effective this machine feels!

What Does a Work Out On a NitroFit Personal Look Like?

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What Kind of Health Benefits Can I Expect From Using this Machine?

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Where Can I Find Specifications or Download a Brochure About This Product?

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