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Nitrofit Deluxe

Product Description

The NitroFit Deluxe Vibration Platform is the advanced version of our Personal model. It features a larger vibration platform,ergonomic handlebars and a more powerful motor. The larger platform allows users to perform a wider range of exercises more comfortably. The Deluxe is our most popular model because its large and stable enough to be used in a gym but light and portable enough to be used at home. Like the Personal model, the Deluxe offers more features and functionality than any other vibration machine in its class. While the Deluxe is intended for light commercial use, it has held up to rigorous University Studies, Pro- Athlete Training facilities, rehabilitation centers, and chiropractic offices. To whole body vibration specialitsts, the NitroFit Deluxe is known as a premium pivotal platform. To all of our many satisfied customers, its known as a best buy!

What Does A Workout on a NitroFit Deluxe Look Like?

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