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Experience the benefits of Whole Body Vibration!
Men and women from all fitness levels and age groups are using Nitrofit WBV machines for…

Overall Fitness

NitroFit Vibration Training burns calories, engages muscles, and helps to increase your metabolism. Regardless of what age or gender you are, proper vibration training workouts will help you to develop muscle and in turn lose weight. Many of our users don’t have time to go to the gym and hate regular exercise. Our “Basic 10” is a simple ten minute whole body training session that involves performing exercises on the platform such as squats, push-ups, dips, and standing positions.   Combine our workouts with a sensible diet and your weight loss will be accelerated.

Muscle Tone

For the active gym goer who focuses on lifting weights to develop muscle, NitroFit is the perfect compliment.  Use your NitroFit WBV machine for warm up exercises and watch as your weight lifting abilities increase dramatically. NitroFit primes your muscles with blood and endorphins to provide explosive strength, power, flexibility and speed. No time for the gym, No problem! Use Nitrofit as a 10-15 minute workout to supplement your missed gym days.  Attach the adjustable arm bands that can provide up to 50lbs of resistance in each arm. Combine bicep curls, upright rows and more to standing positions on the platform for a sweat breaking workout.

Rehabilitation & Pain Relief

Many people suffering from osteoporosis, MS, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia and other developmental disabilities can’t perform traditional exercises in the gym. Users can stand on or rest specific part of their body on the NitroFit  platform to loosen up sore muscles, build bone density, retrain atrophied muscles, strengthen tendons, and increase blood flow. Additionally,  chiropractors and physical Therapists use NitroFit to force movement into their patients tight or sore muscles.  Many of our NitroFit customers report immediate relief from back and neck pain. Regular use of NitroFit WBV can strengthen your body and prevent various pain from recurring.